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Jackson Woodruff


Pablo Antonio Martínez, Jackson Woodruff, Jordi Armengol-Estapé, Michael F.P. O'Boyle, Matching linear algebra and tensor code to specialized hardware accelerators, CC 2023 (Preprint to appear)

Jackson Woodruff, Jordi Armengol-Estapé, Sam Ainsworth, Michael F.P. O'Boyle, Bind the Gap: Compiling Real Software to Hardware FFT Accelerators, PLDI 2022 Preprint Code Talk

Jordi Armengol-Estapé, Jackson Woodruff, Alexander Bruachkmann, José Wesley de Souze Magalhães, Michael F. P. O'Boyle, ExeBench: an ML-scale dataset of executable C functions, MAPS@PLDI 2022 Paper

Noa Zilberman, Andrew W Moore, Billy Cooper, Jackson Woodruff, Yuta Tokusashi, Pietro Bressana, Murali Ramanujam, Salvator Galea, NRG: A Netwrok Perspective on Applicatoins' Performance, TMA 2021 PDF

Jackson Woodruff, Michael F. P. O'Boyle, New Regular Expressions on Old Accelerators, 58th Design Automation Conference, 2021. Preprint Code

Bruce Collie, Philip Ginsbach, Jackson Woodruff, Ajitha Rajan, Michael F. P. O'Boyle, M3: Semantic API Migrations, International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, 2020. PDF

Bruce Collie, Jackson Woodruff, Michael F.P. O'Boyle, Modeling black-box components with probabilistic synthesis, International Conference on Generative Programming: Concepts and Experiences, 2020. PDF Evaluation Code
Winner of GPCE Best Paper Award

Jackson Woodruff, Andrew W Moore, Noa Zilberman, Measuring Burstiness in Data Center Applications, Buffers Workshop 2019. PDF

Jackson Woodruff, Murali Ramanumjam, Noa Zilberman, P4DNS: In-Network DNS, EuroP4 2019. PDF Code Video
(Also presented at ICIN 2020 and IETF Meeting 107 to the COIN sub-group)
Winner of the Xilinx Open Hardware Award 2020


Jackson Woodruff, Analyzing data center applications using high precision packet traces, Master's Dissertation, 2019. PDF

Jackson Woodruff, An Optimizing Compiler for ML, Undergraduate Dissertation, 2018. PDF Code


Jackson Woodruff, Compiler Support for Hardware Accelerators, Arm Virtual Conference, 2021

Murali Ramanujam, Jackson Woodruff, Andrew W Moore and Noa Zilberman, "Reproducible Cloud Measurements", poster, Google Networking Research Summit, March 2019.

Jackson Woodruff, How to give a talk: annotated bibliography, unpublished 2019. PDF

Jackson Woodruff, How to give a talk (Talk at the Churchill CompSci Talk Series, 2019 Recording (Youtube))


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5k 17:53 Crammond Parkrun
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Half Marathon 79:00 Bath Half
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I'm Jackson Woodruff

I'm a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh working on compiling for hardware accelerators.


  • University of Cambridge, BA and MEng, 2015-2019
  • University of Edinburgh, PhD, 2019-
  • Meta AI, FAIR Labs Intern, 2022
  • Arm Intern, 2017 and 2018


  • Xilinx Open Hardware Award, 2020
  • Best Paper Award, GPCE 2020
  • Distinguished Talk Award, Churchill College Computer Science Talks Series, 2017 and 2018
  • Magdalene College Prize for Computer Science, 2016, 2018, 2019
  • Magdalene College Academic Scholarship, 2016-2017, 2018-2019, 2019-2020
  • Top 50 A-Level Computer Science Student in the UK, 2015